Is Net-Results the only profitable marketing automation company?

April 15, 2014

This morning, a member of our marketing team popped her head into my office. She asked a few questions about the news of Act-On’s $42M round (congrats to them, by the way) and I shared my thoughts on them, and the market at large. As she walked out of the room she jokingly asked “Are we the only profitable marketing automation company?”. I laughed as she left, but then started thinking that maybe yes, we might just be the only one.

A majority of our competitors are private, as we are, so their financials are not publicly available. But I can guess that the ones that have raised significant outside money, which is pretty much all of them, have been spending the money on working capital; sales, marketing, operations, development, etc. Good sound moves for an industry seeing massive growth. The “you have to spend money to make money” adage works in that paradigm. And most are in the “spend money” phase more than the “make money” phase to ensure their place when reporters, analysts and prospects look at and talk about vendors in the space. Again very sound.

As many know, we to date have not chosen to go that route. We have been around for a number of years, cut our teeth on “big data”, and decided to grow organically through our amazing worldwide agency channel. We’re profitable, and every dollar we make goes back into the company. It’s a great way to grow. It’s hard and it has it’s challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So again, kudos to Act-On. And Marketo. And Eloqua. And Pardot. They have blazed a great trail in marketing automation. We are all winners in this market.

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Matt Filios, President of Net-Results, is a twenty year veteran of eight startups, four as Founder/co-Founder, and six as President or CEO. A passionate leader, Matt loves working with partners and customers around the globe. When away from work, Matt is an indie music junkie, aging soccer goalkeeper, and golf and tennis enthusiast.

Monthly Partner Spotlight with The CRM Warehouse

March 28, 2014


Each month Net-Results chooses one of our global channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The firm we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences. This month’s interview is with The CRM Warehouse, who have made it their mission to offer their customers a high-performance, affordable and flexible IT platform based on providing superior Cloud Technology. No hype, no experiments, just proven business solutions. They work exclusively with world leaders in Cloud Technology: IBM, Microsoft, SugarCRM, Drupal, etc.  Check out our interview with Tom Symoens, Managing Director:

Q: Describe your company in 3 words.
A: Bridging Business & IT.   Sorry,  I cheated.

Q: What is the most common pain point your solutions helps to solve for your customers?
A: IT issues of all kind

Q: What is The CRM Warehouse really excel at?
A: Custom made, fully integrated, business management platform based on leading technology

Q: What are the 3 most important technology tools you use?
A: SugarCRM, Net-Results and Drupal

Q: If you could, what would you automate in your life?
A: All paperwork

Q: What is your favorite social platform for your business & why?
A: Linkedin – truly professional social network,  globally the reference and very user friendly

Q: Worst email subject line you’ve ever seen
A: Any email screaming:   “discounted”,  “50% off”,  “buy now”,  “exclusive invitation”…  Are there really people responding on this kind of emails??

Q: What are you working on improving in 2014
A: Evangelise IT 3.0:  a cloud based SaaS platform and how it can be used to drive more efficiency in the modern organization.

Q: If you could have a superpower what would it be?
A: Flying as Superman

7 Questions Agencies Need to Ask While Researching Marketing Automation Vendors

March 21, 2014

Questions agencies should ask

For agencies, it’s important to be constantly considering the business needs of your customer ecosystem. Think about your top 5 clients. What are they doing today and what should they be doing to become more successful? Are your clients’ businesses growing at the rate they should be? How can you help them reach the next level? Focus on your client’s needs. Marketing automation technology has created a paradigm shift in the field of marketing, transitioning it from Mad-Men-esque thinking to a highly advanced technical field that ties marketing directly to ROI. Organizations are waking up to this shift but they need help to implement demand generation strategies and marketing automation software. That’s where agencies come in.


Nurturing through Newsletters

March 19, 2014

Power of a Newsletter Main


When I started at Net-Results as a bright-eyed, bushy tailed, young college intern over a year ago, I was anxious to show my talents as a content writer. I found myself chomping at the bit to take on as many projects as I could.  (And based on the mixed metaphors I just used, I was some sort of horse squirrel….haha.) One of the content projects I volunteered for was our monthly newsletter, and its been a campaign I have spearheaded since then.  Ok I admit it, when I took on the newsletter, I expected it to be a fun writing project with creative freedom.  However, being responsible for our newsletter has made me realize the power newsletters have for nurturing prospects. I’d like to share some of what I’ve discovered with you.


Monthly Partner Spotlight with eZ Systems

March 17, 2014

eZ Systems


Each month Net-Results chooses one of our global channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The firm we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences.  Check out our interview from October 2013 with eZ Systems.  eZ Systems is in the business of Web Content Management Solutions and has been since 1999. They maintain a global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Their large international business partner network is the foundation of eZ Systems’ success in the market.   Multichannel Web Content Platform is the Future of Web Content Management.  The eZ Systems team of engineers, consultants and partner managers enables successful implementations for their many customers and partners.  Check out our interview with Roland Benedetti, Vice President of Product Management, now!!


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